After my last video I was asked if I could make an up to date version when I was next out on the water.
I hadn’t actually used my GoPro camera for six years, and wondered if it still worked; I dug it out, charged it up and to my surprise the battery hadn’t died.
I mounted it on Paramour 2’s windscreen and set off on my patrol for the Pier & Harbour Co. This is just a check of the surroundings, shoreline and boats etc… to keep an occasional presence on the water. It’s great for me as I get to give the boat a run and be afloat for an hour or so. It’s even possible to forget what’s going on ashore for a while…
You’ll notice in particular the number of empty moorings (plus the sunken one I almost ran over), and all the boats on the hard at the boatyards, which would normally be afloat by now.
Before I get complaints, I wasn’t doing 45 knots around the river, I have speeded the film up in places… honestly!

A 2020 edit of some film I shot in January / February 2012, while out on my kayak. Being a very sunny, calm day early in the year, the atmosphere is just like now- stunningly beautiful, but not another soul around.
I created this especially for our current situation, so come paddling with me…

Paramour 2 captured in action for the 1st. time

Sorry to be posting so much lately, but I am excited to have Paramour 2 on the water! In case you were wondering...I buzzed the ferry on its last run earlier, and skipper Sam Norman got this great sequence of Paramour 2 in action. This was at about 26 knots.

Posted by St Mawes Kayaks, Mini Cruises & Water Taxi on Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Paramour 2 in action. Thanks Sam for the video.

Thanks for bringing us back from our boozy lunch Mark!! @stmaweskayaks

Posted by Polly Horton on Monday, 21 May 2018

Polly, and friends, heading back to St. Mawes after lunch at The Pandora Inn. Thanks for the video.

Picnic Cornwall

Pretty great day to be out on the water in the sunshine St Mawes Kayaks, Mini Cruises & Water Taxi!#April #Sunday #Sunshine #LoveFalmouth #StMawes #ChooseCornish :) xx

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Paramour as seen by Emma, from the deck of The Duchess of Cornwall.

Promotional video by Zack.

Peter helping me launch Paramour for 2013.

Team GB girls challenge local gig clubs, September 2012.

Just caught the fabulous J Class Yachts after their race. A bonus for passengers I’d collected from The Pandora Inn.

Paramour acting as medic boat for the RNLI Castle to Castle Swim 2012.

Paramour’s launch for 2012, with her new 150hp Yamaha engine (up from her original 115hp Yamaha).

The first paddle of 2012. Out to the lighthouse.