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The 2022 Season has begun-
I am always extra cautious at the start of the season when it can be very cold, especially in the water; if someone goes into the water when they weren’t expecting to the shock can be fatal (as was unfortunately demonstrated in Scotland very recently). To this end I will only let paddlers out when I deem it calm enough, wetsuits are advisable, and all paddlers should be experienced and confident in their abilities. Standing on the shore looking at the appealing scene of the sun glinting on the water is very different to actually being on the water in a small kayak.

Over the last few years the RNLI has seen a huge increase in the number of call-outs to rescue inexperienced kayakers and paddle-boarders. So please listen to the advice on the day, paddle within your limits, stay close to the shore, think about the paddle back (it will be more difficult against wind and / or tide), and be aware of changing conditions.
We have never had any serious incidents, and I would very much like to keep it that way!

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