“Paramour 2” was sold in October 2020.

After 12 years of fun running “Paramour” and then “Paramour 2”,
2020 came upon us and effected all of us in different ways-
the first three months of the season were completely lost and it was a very uncertain time. Then July, August and September hit us like a tornado and we had six months work crammed into three months!
I realise I was a good deal luckier than some.

However, I decided I didn’t want to be doing 15 or 16 hour days in the summer again, so I sold “Paramour 2” at the end of the season to run the kayaks only from 2021, and have a quieter life!

Below are trusted and appropriately licensed operators, to get you afloat-


(A new St Mawes Water Taxi Service may begin in 2021.
Any information on this will be posted here)



Fish and Trips of St. Mawes don’t only run fishing trips.
Call James to arrange to charter “Madeline Rose”
for half a day, or a full day. He’ll even splash a drop of Jif around
(and a dab of Old Spice…) before you get aboard, so no fishy smells!
You could also hire your own RIB through James,
with the appropriate qualification and experience-


August Rock Adventures operate an XS 700 RIB out of Helford.
“Harbinger” is licenced to carry 7 passengers.
Call Iain for a trip down to The Ferryboat Inn,
Shipwright’s Arms, Trebah or Glendurgan Gardens.
St. Mawes to Helford and return only,
“Harbinger” does not operate as a Water Taxi.


Petra River Cruises have a new boat,
and will be running trips from St. Mawes in 2021.
Take a picnic, or, if the tide is right, stop off at The Pandora Inn.


Falmouth RIB Charters have a 6 metre RIB Eye,
and can get you to many destinations
on The River Fal and Helford-
Or, if you really want to push the boat out (quite literally…),
speak to Jeremy about chartering “Windana”, his 42ft.
Sealine motor cruiser- Falmouth Motor Boat Charters.


A2B Water Taxi is based in Falmouth. For information call Ken on: 07553 904961.